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Finally, an integrative answer to your health struggles.

Our whole-body approach to wellness will start
your brain and body health on the right path so you can live with less pain, have increased memory, a stronger body and mind, 
and so much more!

LifeFit BrainFit helps you with:

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Hi, I'm Debbie Flannery,
Founder of LifeFit BrainFit.

I am a Functional Nutrition Practitioner with 30+ years of experience providing health sessions tailored to each patient's individual needs. 

My practice involves working with both kids and adults providing in-home and virtual sessions. 

I help people with ADD, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Concentration, Reading/Math, Learning Disorders, Balance Disorders, Parkinson's, Concussions, and more. 

I have a Master's Degree in Health and Fitness and a Functional Nutrition Counselor Certification.

Training Helps You Overcome

Difficulties Associated With


  • Autism


  • Anxiety

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Balance Disorders

  • Behavioral Disorders

  • Brain injury

  • Concussion

  • Development disorders

  • Fine Motor Delay

  • Learning Disorders

  • MS

  • Parkinson's

  • Reading/Math

  • Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Sleep

  • Stroke

Customer Testimonies


Having a son with ADHD and on the Autism Spectrum, I made it my mission to hunt for treatments that could improve his quality of life. His inability to focus, follow directions, and complete tasks made the traditional classroom almost unbearable. Mainstream medicine was unable to offer solutions.


After a parade of specialists, various restrictive diets, multiple medications, and tutors, I was disheartened and exhausted. My son’s condition seemed to be worsening with digestive issues, migraines, anxiety, and depression. Four to five hours of homework each night was draining and defeating, and his grades sporadically ran from Aʼs to Fʼs. There had to be something that would help him! As he grew older, we noticed that he began having difficulty with social interactions.

To my pleasant surprise, I noticed a difference in Jack after 3 weeks of Interactive Metronome Therapy.

He became more attentive and responsive. I didn’t have to repeat myself when giving him a task at home. He seemed more relaxed when starting up a conversation. I was finally seeing the young man that

I knew he was meant to be.

Now that he has finished the program, everyone who knows him is overwhelmed by the change. He does his homework ON HIS OWN! He is getting consistent A’s at school. His teachers love his

work and what he contributes to

class. He is easygoing and happy.

I could go on and on, but this is

what I know for certain. Interactive 

Metronome has given my son a

new life. - Christine G. (Jack’s Mom)

Jack completed the Interactive Metronome Successfully.jpg


My son Braiden is so much more focused! He used to only be in the classroom for 10 minutes but now he is able to be in there the whole time! He plays in the pep bad, his eye contact with his peers has increased a lot, and he greets people that come into the house and at school. He very rarely gets sick!


Since attending LifeFIt BrainFit, Braiden

is doing great! He was able to attend his

brother, Riley’s, basketball game! This

was difficult in the past. Last week,

Braiden was able to get up in front of the

class and do a presentation all by himself.

His teachers and aides were so impressed

with him, and of course, me too! - Chris W

Shown here, Braiden (left) with his brother

Riley (right) at Florence basketball.

- Chris W.


Dawson & Gage


LifeFit BrainFit has completely boosted the boy's confidence.

For Dawson, especially, has increased his outgoingness and confidence in his speech and language. Gage has excelled academically! - Jeanette


As our son was growing up we noticed he behaved differently than our other children but werenʼt sure how to handle it. He would respond with strong emotions (sometimes crying, sometimes getting angry, sometimes yelling) and had a hard time calming himself down.


All of these small things did not add up to a medical concern that we felt we needed to address. Rather, they were just part of, what we thought, was a challenging young man.


After the Interactive Metronome sessions, our challenge is almost entirely gone! Weʼre left with a young man we can simply enjoy—and he is much happier too!"  - Jen



Before LifeFit BrainFit sessions, Great Grandmother Barb says 7-year-old Lillie was severely behind in school. Lillie didn’t know her pre-primer words and she couldn’t read. After just 13 Interactive Metronome Therapy sessions, Lillie returned to school knowing all of her pre-primer words and most of her primer words. Lillie said her brain felt all scrunched up before, but after therapy, her brain is starting to work. She felt like a butterfly learning to fly!


The improvements we saw in Riley were not just in academics of reading and math but in his entire being. It is truly remarkable and I strongly believe Interactive Metronome Therapy should be used in all schools with all children not just the ones with learning disabilities. 

It should not be limited to there

either. Interactive Metronome

Therapy should be used in hospitals

during certain recoveries, with

physical therapy patients, and in

nursing homes for the elderly as

well. At first, I will admit I was

beyond a skeptic but now I openly

tell people and try to help them by

recommending this simple yet

remarkable tool. - Chase

Riley and family



Ella was in Title I for her reading and because of the Interactive Metronome Therapy, she is above the benchmark in all areas of the Dibels test (reading comprehension). She is excelling in all subjects. She got all 1's on her report card! - Angela


Ricky is a 10-year-old boy with a diagnosis of ADHD, Asperger's, Anxiety, and Fine Motor Delay.  It was easy to get Ricky involved in the Interactive Metronome exercises. After 10 sessions Ricky's handwriting was much more legible - neat and orderly.  The biggest change though was that his homework was getting done quickly, neatly and correctly!  His 4th grade teacher gave him high marks and said that he was very pleasant and hard working!

Ricky said, " Interactive Metronome is so cool - and it really, really helped me!"

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