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Are You Ready for the Best In It’s Class?

Here's a little challenge for you — pop into your grocery store this week + buy these:


























➕Black Current

➕Concord Grapes

➕Acerola Cherries

➕Lemon Peel

BUT... there's a catch!! 😁

They HAVE to be:

✔️Kosher & Vegan


✔️grown in nutrient-rich soil

✔️100% pesticide & herbicide-free

✔️picked only at their peak ripeness

✔️NSF certified and tested to make sure there's no traces of mold, bacteria, or viruses

Your BUDGET is $2.67 a day 👀

Can you do it? I could not!

I couldn't even find all of it in my local grocery store.

You ask, “why do I take Juice Plus?"

I think this answers that question 😉

Ask about Kids Eat FREE 🤩

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