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Brain Food - Protein Balls

💥🧠💪 June is considered Brain Health Awareness month by the Alzheimer's Association, but really ALL of us need to do what we can to keep our brains healthy. Good nutrition is at the top of the list on the best way to keep our brains healthy. 💥🧠💪

What does eating brain healthy look like for me?

1) It’s about making the brain-friendly food choice most of the time (but not being so obsessed that I forget to love my food.)

2) It’s about getting DHA and EPA from high-quality, sustainable seafood (like wild salmon) because I enjoy the flavor and it makes me happy. But it's also about taking Juice Plus plant-based omegas daily to be sure I am getting all I need.

3) It’s about avoiding processed carbs most of the time because they really aren't as tasty as most of the homemade goodies I can make at home (see pic below).

4) It’s about eating lots of healthy fats (like avocados, nuts and seeds) that taste delish and satisfy so I don't feel hungry.

5) And it means LOTS of vegetables —all colors, shapes, and varieties, every single day, along with my fruit, veggie, and berry Juice Plus capsules full of 30 different types of produce in concentrated powders.


We can do this!!

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