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Don’t let Parkinson’s disease slow you down!

Modern technology has extended the human lifespan, but diseases like Parkinson’s can rob someone of their quality of life during these later years. Parkinson’s disease directly affects the central nervous system; it destroys dopamine-generating cells in the brain, resulting in an inability to coordinate movements. Conditions like Parkinson’s highlight the connection between the brain and body; it also shows how important it is for the brain to be working at peak efficiency. The loss of just a few connections can rob us of the ability to control cognitive processes and movement.

While the mind may stay sharp, messages are not reaching their final destination. Attempts to button a shirt can be hampered by uncontrollable tremors, slow movement (bradykinesia), or the inability to move. Rigid, stiff muscles lead to problems with eating, speaking, digestion, walking and even standing upright. Beyond the physical symptoms, Parkinson’s also causes confusion, dementia, memory loss, hallucinations, anxiety and depression. The disease can leave the individual a prisoner in his own body, a frustrating and terrifying prognosis.

But there is hope. The Interactive Metronome helps with the domain-general mechanism of timing and is a “jack of all trades” mechanism that manifests itself in fine motor control, sleep cycles, speech patterns, ability to attend over time and overall efficacy of brain communication. This timing in the brain, or temporal processing, has been shown to be deficient in several common conditions, including Parkinson’s. Interactive Metronome is the only training program that improves timing in the brain in an organized, systematic, flexible and engaging format.

Since conditions like Parkinson’s are degenerative, it can be difficult and expensive to keep up with therapy. Well, not anymore. No more worrying about fitting training into your schedule. With Interactive Metronome-Home Unit, you can complete your training under the supervision of your provider, but in the comfort of your own living room, bedroom, office, etc. Ask your Proveider about Interactive Metronome-Home today!

Call LifeFit BrainFit at 906-774-5833, to schedule your sessions or order your Interactive Metronome Home, today!

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