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Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving!

I have a great idea for you, if you're looking for a mother's day present for yo momma or yo'self.

It's a really good time to think about getting a tower.

🌱 No dirt. No weeds.

🌱 Saves more than 90% water.

🌱 No more waste from throwing out produce you didn't eat in time.

🌱 You control what's on YOUR FOOD! No chemicals!

🌱 Equal nutrient density while soil quality is depleting

🌱 Grows faster and larger than soil gardens

Look at all of these happy moms growing food like a bunch of bosses! Even a brown thumb like me can grow lettuce, kale and strawberries 🍓 and more in my kitchen.

Let me know if you want one shipped to your mom's doorstep - or yours😊

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