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Grow Your Own Food With Tower Garden Home

Imagine cooking a meal and being able to reach out and hand-pick freshly grown ingredients to complete your dish. Picture your home flourishing with healthy, ready-to-eat greens that taste just as good as they look. This is what Tower Garden HOME brings to the table.

Studies have found that an aeroponic approach to gardening produces an average of 30% greater yields, offers 3x faster grow times, and takes up 90% less space when compared to traditional methods. And Tower Garden HOME allows you to enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce without all the work and complexity of maintaining a traditional garden. More greens grown by your Tower Garden HOME means less trips to the grocery store.

Tower Garden HOME Features

Design and Construction

A bit smaller than its sister system, Tower Garden Flex, Tower Garden Home easily fits in most spaces.

LED Grow Lights

Finding direct sunlight indoors can be tricky, so we've included LED grow lights with Tower Garden HOME to ensure your seeds grow year-round. And since the lights operate on a timer, your plants will get the perfect amount of light each day, even when you're out of town.

32 Planting Ports

Tower Garden HOME comes with 32 planting ports - 16 ports for regular greens and 16 ports for baby greens.

Built in Wheels

Moving your Tower Garden HOME has never been easier. Whether you need to refill the reservoir or move the unit to another part of your home, the built in wheels make moving the Tower Garden HOME simple and easy.

Learn more about this product by contacting LifeFit BraiinFit at 906-774-5833 and purchase your Tower Garden HOME today!

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