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How to Cut Through Brain Fog

70 year old Grace works as a technical support specialist. She had open heart surgery which caused some cognitive changes including shorter memory, lower processing speed and problems with word finding. She had a mental fog.  

One way to deal with brain fog is through Interactive Metronome therapy. The Interactive Metronome is delivered is a game-like way, providing goal oriented challenges to synchronize a range of hand and foot tasks to a precise computer-generated reference tone. It integrates sight, sound and physical movements to improve attention, concentration, motor planning and sequencing. This makes the brain process faster, cutting through the fog.

Grace began Interactive Metronome therapy. Grace’s benefit from Interactive Metronome® therapy has been evident in her treatment scores. She is now pursuing more active and involved responsibilities, in line with what she had been working towards.

If you or a loved one are having difficulty with brain fog, contact LifeFit BrainFit for a natural solution. Learn more here.

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