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Human Immune System Studies

The Human Immune System is our frontline defense against external invaders & there are 5 Peer Reviewed Clinical Studies showing specifically the effect of Juice Plus+ on the Immune System!

Conducted on 👇🏻

• Health Care Professionals in a Hospital Setting

• Athletic Men in a Special Police Unit

• Young Law School Students

• Older People


•Better Supported Immune System

•Better Supported Immune Function

•Increased Antioxidant Capacity

•Improved Markers of Immune Function

•Increased Blood Levels

of Important Antioxidants

🌟Maintaining a Healthy Immune System can also be related to antioxidant status.Juice Plus+ fruit & vegetable capsules have been clinically proven in 21 separate published, peer-review studies to significantly increase blood levels of important antioxidants and other plant nutrients in as little as 28 days!

Check it out & share with everyone you love and adore!! Juice Plus+ Immune Health Clinical Studies (4 mins)

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