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Need Help With ADD, ADHD, Autism or Dyslexia?

This is from my friend, Leanne…

“Our son was 12 when we took him to a Chiroprator here in town. We needed help with ADD.

He said “Leanne, you have to get the sugar and dyes out of his diet.

You have to get micronutrients and omega 3’s in him”.

His diet did not include a lot of raw plants 🌱 or any food that had healthy fats.

Once we added plant powders and oils, it made a huge difference in what he remembered and how long he could concentrate. He was (as bad as I hate to admit it as his mom) NUTRIENT deficient.

You just can’t make people eat things. Right? Unless it’s pizza 🍕🤣

I’ll post 2 studies below that talk about how badly our brains need these omegas.

Brain 🧠 fog and lack of concentration do NOT have to be the case in your family. We open the capsule and squeeze the precious oils into our one year old grandbabies mouth everyday. 🥰

I’m glad to share information with you on how you can add these little gems to your nutritional routine.”

Juice Plus Omega Study

I can help you get these plant-based omegas ordered today 🙌

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