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Stroke Sufferers Recover Lost Connections with Interactive Metronome!

Strokes are one of those devastating life events that can strike anytime and anywhere. Strokes, or cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), can cause problems with movement, speech, cognition and vision. Unfortunately, strokes are a leading cause of death for many people who are at high risk because of high blood pressure, tobacco usage, diabetes and high cholesterol.

The lack of blood and oxygen to the brain during a stroke is potentially fatal and creates unique problems every time one hits. It is important to act FAST during a stroke, but it is also about the timing. Timing in the brain, or Neurotiming, is critical to attention, gait, memory, bilateral coordination and cognitive function. Neurotiming has been shown to be deficient after stroke, most likely due to physical damage to the brain.

However, IM training physiologically changes the brain by helping to synchronize the functional brain networks. When these networks communicate efficiently and rhythmically, they can overcome this damage because of the stronger remaining connections.

Interactive Metronome is the only training program that improves timing in the brain in an organized, systematic, flexible and engaging format. Research has shown that Interactive Metronome® improves motor coordination, working memory, processing and sequencing. Now, individuals can restore function to the brain’s temporal processing network, not simply rehabilitate and adapt to deficits. Strokes sufferers in Interactive Metronome training have seen measurable improvements in the quality of life.

John wanted his life back. He had no histroy of medical problems and was the proud father of four, but at age 47, the unthinkable happened...he had a stroke. With people relying on John, he had a lot of motovation to succeed. And succeed he did! Within a few weeks, John was driving again, back to work, balancing his checkbook and enjoying life with his family.

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