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Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Everyone has moments of forgetfulness from time to time, especially when life is busy. Are you having trouble finding your keys? Can't remember where you parked? Research has shown that diet and lifestyle have a major impact on memory. Here's a few things that you can do to improve brain health and memory.

1. Regular exercise

2. 7-13 servings of fruits, veggies and berries a day

3. Eat less sugar

4. Continue to work on rhythm and timing in the brain using the Interactive Metronome

5. Get 7-9 hours of sleep

6. Add plant-based Omegas and nuts to your diet

LifeFit BrainFit can help! We can help you with components of regular exercise. We can show you a simple way to flood your body with fruits, veggies, berries and omegas, so that your brain and body are working at their best! We can help you reduce the sugar in your diet. When your brain and body are working well, you sleep better! Call or text LifeFit BrainFit today at 906-774-5833, to be the best possible you!

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