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You’re Invited to Join Us for A 10 Day Health Journey!

You’re Invited to Join us for Shred10, starting Monday, August 2-11☀️

It’s a “Private Healthy Living Facebook Group Community” for 10 days. 😋

Lots of health tips, motivation, recipes and wellness solutions for August 2021 🏖

Here are just a few of the results shared by participants:

•more energy 💥

•shred fat ⚡️

•better mood ☺️

•better digestion 💩

•sleep better 💤

•clearer skin 💁🏻

•mental clarity 💭

•sooo much more!!

This program is not a fad, it was created by a Doctor & Nutritionist Division 1 Athlete to seriously shred away the toxins in your body + to kickstart your health journey.

It’s affordable🎈This is Private Facebook Group, by invitation only. Therefore, I need to know if you want to be added to this group and if you need product.

Call or text 906-774-5833 to start your health journey, today!

Debbie Flannery♥️

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