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Hi, I'm Debbie Flannery, Founder of LifeFit BrainFit. I am a Functional Nutrition Practitioner with 30+ years of experience providing health sessions tailored to each patient's individual needs. My practice involves working with both kids and adults providing in-home and virtual sessions.  I help people with ADD, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Concentration, Reading/Math, Learning Disorders, Balance Disorders, Parkinson's, Concussions, and more. I am certified as an Interactive Metronome provider, have a Master's Degree in Health and Fitness, and am a certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.

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My Credentials and Certifications

Bachelors Degree: Health & Wellness

Masters Degree: Health & Fitness

Certification: Functional Nutrition

Certification: Interactive Metronome

Certification: Primitive Reflex

Experience: Over 30 years

I am credentialed as an in-person and virtual Interactive Metronome Provider with the following additional certifications. 

  1. Introduction to IM Pediatric Best Practices

  2. Use of IM with TBI Patients Self-Study

  3. Introduction to IM Pediatric Best Practices Self-Study

  4. Introduction to Interactive Metronome & Gait Mate: Tools to Improve Cognitive & Motor Function

  5. Building a Successful Practice with IM

  6. Using IM with Children on the Autism Spectrum Self-Study

  7. Rehabilitating the Stroke & TBI Patient with Interactive Metronome Self-Study

  8. Using IM in the Schools

  9. Strategies for Training the Autism Spectrum Client - Part I & II Self-Study

  10. IM Exercise Adaptations for Training Baseball/Softball Players - Self-Study

  11. IM Interdisciplinary Fall Prevention Strategies Self-Study

  12. Ensuring Clinical Success and Profitability with IM Home

  13. IM-Home Certification Coaching - Part 1 & 2

  14. Treating Moderate-Severe Pediatric Conditions with IM - Self-Study

  15. Reconnecting After Concussion: Addressing PCS with IM - Self-Study

  16. IM Resolved My PTSD - Self-Study

  17. Certification: Interactive Metronome for Pediatrics & Adults Course

  18. Integrating IM into Interventions for SPD and Dyspraxia- Self-Study

  19. Let's Put Rhythm Back into Our Classrooms! - Self-Study

  20. Fall Risk Reduction Coaching - Modules 1-4

  21. IM in Education: Summer Intensive Camps - Self-Study

  22. Spread the Word: Timing and Rhythm Are Important for Learning

  23. Published Study Results: IM for Rehab of Blast-Related TBI - Self-Study

  24. Writing SMART IEP Goals for IM in the Academic Setting - Self-Study

  25. Treat Core Timing Skills for Better SLP Treatment Outcomes - Self-Study

  26. Practice Management Essentials for IM Providers - Part 1 & 2

  27. The Interactive Metronome 360: An in-clinic and at-home delivery model presented by Doug Stephey, Optometrist and Educator.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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