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Integrative Approach to Mind & Body Wellness

Functional Nutrition is a part of our integrative answer to your brain and body challenges.


Functional Nutrition Improves the Quality of Life by Nourishing Cells

Why Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is the only method that gets to the heart of what
is going on with your body, no matter the signs, symptoms, or diagnosis.

The Functional Nutrition Approach creates an individualized

diet and lifestyle plan that actually works.

Functional Nutrition is the program that teaches you to leverage the powers of nutrition to use "food as medicine" to help you finally feel better. 

Functional Nutrition is for those who are still struggling
after you have been everywhere
 and have tried everything. 
FN Practitioner, Debbie, will get to the root causes of your issues and guide you towards health. You will get the lasting results you’ve been searching for.

Carbs can destroy your brain; even so-called healthy carbs like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, decreased libido, and much more. Wheat, sugar, and carbs have devastating effects on the brain.
Debbie Flannery M.Ed.
Functional Nut
rition Practitioner
Juice Plus Affiliate

1. A focus on real, whole foods – Optimal health is built on a foundation of getting essential nutrients, found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, quality protein, and healthy fat. Remember, one of functional nutrition’s mottos is “food as medicine,” which means eliminating processed foods and eating a balanced diet full of colorful variety.

2. Taking care of your gut microbiome – With over 70% of your immune system living in your gut, it’s imperative that you support the gut environment through food and lifestyle. A diet full of processed foods can wreak havoc on your gut lining, causing leaky gut and leading to a host of health issues, such as bloating, gas, indigestion, brain fog, and chronic inflammation. Supporting your gut can include eating plenty of fiber, staying hydrated, and being physically active.

3. Supporting a healthy life off the plate – Areas of your life, such as the quality of your relationships, exercise, your stress levels, and even your sleep routine, all impact the way your body processes and assimilates the food you eat. If you don’t sleep well and you experience high stress, you’re not setting your body up for success to utilize the quality nutrients you’re feeding it.

A lack of sleep in combination with stress can also cause you to reach for the sugar-laden foods that produce that “feel good” feeling in the brain, but quickly cause a crash in both your mood and energy. By taking a taking a look at your life experiences beyond the plate, functional nutrition can support you in making better nutritional choices that fit your needs and goals.

At the end of the day, functional nutrition is all about you and your bio-individuality.
Functional Nutrition
Body Performance
Functional Nutrition helps the body to function at its best. It’s a modality that works not just to support, but to educate the patient on what’s going on in their body, what factors may have contributed to their current condition, and how to make uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications that help them to meet their goals.
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