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Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose

Strength & Balance Exercise

Strength and Balance Exercise is a part of our
integrative answer to your 
brain and body challenges.


Movement for extended health and well-being

Senior Therapy

Exercise is known for its numerous benefits. Here at LifeFit BrainFit, we use exercise as a form of preventative medicine. Exercise helps us maintain independence as we age!

Strength training enhances our quality of life, improves our ability to do everyday activities, helps protect our joints from injury, and can help level out blood sugar levels. Building muscle contributes to better balance reducing fall risks.

Improve Your
Balance and Mobility
Boost Your Energy

If you struggle with weakness, loss of joint mobility, poor balance, or slow moments our exercise programs can help.


Our programs utilize many repetitions of movements that are used in daily living with varying complexity and intensity.  They improve your ability to enjoy everyday activities such as walking, moving arms and legs, and balance. 

Debbie has developed personal exercise programs for individuals virtually, in their homes, independent, assisted living, and nursing homes in Iron Mountain/Kingsford, Michigan, and surrounding areas in Dickinson County.


Online classes are now available in the

United States.

Address functional limitations due to:
  • Injury
  • Disease
  • General Aging


Use our programs to ensure continued enhancement of mobility, once you have completed a course of Physical or Occupational Therapy.

Reduce Stress. Reduce Anxiety. Relieve Tension. Increase Strength. Improve Flexibility.


If you are seeking to find balance in coping with the stresses of today’s busy lifestyles, we offer a series of low-impact movements that will gradually put into motion every joint, tendon, and muscle. Increasing circulation, flexibility, coordination, and strength, while reducing anxiety and depression. We work on slow, relaxed movements and deep breathing for total well-being.


Need Personalized Instruction? Call us at 906-774-5833.

For those who feel that they are unable to stand for the program, movements are easily adaptable to meet your needs and can be performed in a chair.

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