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10 Day Fitness Workout

Happy Healthy New Year! I wanted to see if you'd be interested in a 10-day fitness program. The workouts run along with our Shred10 program, but you don't have to be shredding to take advantage of it!

Moving our bodies every day is just another way to take control over how we look and feel, so why not?

The workouts are from and are really good! You won't need any equipment (but you can totally grab some weights if you'd like) and there are graphics to show you how to do each exercise and how many rounds to do for your fitness level.

If you'd like to start simply reply back WORKOUT and you'll get your day 1 workout sometime soon, so that you can start the following day. Of course, you can start as soon as you get it or save them all up to start on any day that you are ready!

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