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7 Reasons Your Brain Will Love Tai Chi!

Your brain deserves to get the same dedicated workout you give the rest of your body.

Tai Chi is one way to keep your brain fit, and here are seven reasons your brain will love you for it:

1. The poses and movements that are part of the Tai Chi workout routine challenge your brain, keeping it young.

2. When you use your body and brain together, as you must in Tai Chi, you help your brain age healthier.

3. When doing Tai Chi, you help your brain become calm.

4. With the release of positive chemicals in the brain while doing Tai Chi, you help improve your life coping skills.

5. Tai Chi helps you to relax.

6. If you are under stress, doing a Tai Chi workout can help you reduce your stress-related conditions.

7. The soothing, repetitive motions of Tai Chi help provide a general sense of well-being.

Join a class today! Call or text 906-774-5833 for class times and locations!

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