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7 Tips to Manage Stress During the Holidays

Here’s some tips for managing stress during the Holidays —

*Plan ahead and be realistic with your calendar and schedule and don’t get too stressed by trying to be perfect. You can start your

list today and be ahead of the game come December if you do a little each day now.


*Stay active and prioritize your own self care by

scheduling some time for yourself each day. Delegate and ask for help from the family if you get overwhelmed.


*Practice gratitude and talk about positive

things when with family and friends.


*Take time to acknowledge your feelings and plan some time in your day to relax and destress with some deep breathing or a nice hot bath.


*Often stress during the Holiday season is because we just have too much to do…say yes to the big things and let the little things go.

Breathe 🧘‍♀️

If you want more tips like these, reply back with your favorite emoji and I will get you all set ⛄️

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