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A Healthy Me in 2023!

We will be starting the New Year off with "A Healthy Me in 2023" Shred 10!! 🤩

Here’s Susie’s transformation story using the program 🙏🙏🙏

“A year to remember — Started: 180 lbs, High cholesterol, depression and anxiety, Acid reflux, digestion issues, systemic inflammation, aggressive osteoarthritis, mental fog, receding hairline, thin and brittle nails, 2 to 3 naps a day.

Now- After doing several Shred10’s and changing my eating habits:

140lbs, Acid reflux totally gone, cholesterol in normal range, inflammation greatly reduced, energy to exercise regularly, receding hairline regrown, nails strong and long, dental health improved, mental clarity improved, all depression and anxiety meds gone!

So so grateful!” - Susie Pepas

We’ll kick off "A Healthy Me in 2023" - Shred10 on Jan 9th - If you’d like more info just reply back Shred10 and I’ll send you the details.

Happy New Year!!! 🤩

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