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A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside, Today!

Are you ready for healthy change 🍎 💪 🥦 🥗

☘️ March Shred starts next Monday! Time to focus on YOU and establishing healthy habits!

Our goal: helping people flood their body with healthy, alkaline foods for 10 days which aids the body to repair and detoxify.

Here are some great things I love about the Shred:

🍀You don't feel hungry

🍀Sugar cravings go bye bye

🍀Lots of energy!

🍀Cut the toxins

🍀Learn healthier habits

🍀Support of others

🍀Here in this Facebook group

🍀Free recipes

🍀It's only 10 days!!!

If you want to join us please comment 🍀 below

#shred10 #newgoals #gethealthy #resolution #detox #reset #eatclean #community

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