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Are You Ready for Healthy Living in 2022?

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

I want to extend my invitation to all friends and family!

As we enter a New Year, why not ring it in with a plan and focus for our best health, right?

Read on & let me know which goal you're ready to go for!


I know we are zipping into Christmas, but wanting to get my friends and family thinking a bit on the 75 HARD & SHRED 10 Health Challenges, that I'm doing soon!!

Whether you're looking for a reset, or a bigger commitment, this is your INVITATION to join me in 2022 editions, of either, Rules for each are in the pictures!

If you'd like my input & more detail on each, read on…


>> 75 HARD <<

I‘ve been practicing for 3 weeks in December and haven’t got it right, yet!

It's called 75 HARD because, obviously, change doesn't come with easy, and it's 75 days long.

But here's the thing - you get to customize *most* of it, to what suits YOU.

Maybe, two 45-minute walks a day is challenge enough for where you're at. Or skiing and yoga. Maybe, eliminating processed foods or intermittent fasting is all the food rules you need.

And of course, you get to choose your own personal development 📖 reads... bottom line, choose your hard & be ready to commit, but don't let the name intimidate you out of it 😘

Now, I'm going to encourage you, if the *only* thing keeping you from saying YES is the 2 workouts per day, consider joining the group anyway...

Because if it inspires you to do more than you're currently doing, it's still a personal win!! Besides- on a really good day, you just might feel like you want to add that evening walk in the snowy woods {or whatever!} and the experience will help set you up with the tools you need for a full true-blue round one day, if that's your heart's desire.

A group will be created next week; it won’t be intense, just making space for more in depth of the why behind the rules, & where we can support, share our journeys and cheer eachother on along the way.

>> SHRED 10 <<

If 75 days is just way too much, but you still want a healthy habits challenge to get yourself on track, this is one I'm doing along side my Juice Plus tribe & it is a FANTASTIC reset! This one is offered multiple times throughout the year, and the group is always pretty active.

The main focus here is on adding tons of fruits & veggies, water, movement, sleep and eliminating alcohol, caffeine, dairy & gluten, for 10 days.

This creates a gentle detox and refreshes our habits which is especially wonderful after what just was - for most of us - two months of fun and eating with reckless abandon.

It works at flushing the system, rest and repairing it with the good stuff, through more nutrient dense meals and science-backed Juice Plus products.

Whichever challenge resonates with you, I'm here to help!!

Let's give ourselves the *gift of better health* in 2022!

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