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Are You Ready to Kick Sugary Drinks to the Curb?

It’s time to kick sugary drinks to the curb and replace them with a healthier alternative, wouldn't you agree?

Your best choice is water so you can get the hydration that your body needs. But going from a sugar-loaded beverage to plain old water can be a difficult jump.

Try adding fruit to your water. Infusing your water has so many flavor options. Strawberry water, lemon water, cucumber water, the list goes on and on!

Make a smoothie! Start with some plant-based milk or even coconut water and add in lots of frozen fruit and of course some Juice Plus+ Complete. If you've never had a smoothie made with Complete, you are missing out!

Another great way to help kick the sugar habit is by participating in one of our Fall Shred10 Events. Ten days to shred unhealthy habits and add in new ones! It’s safe for kids, older people, pregnant 🤰 or nursing Moms.

It’s a great way to clear the mind and learn more about good health and nutrition 🍁

If you'd like to learn more, text back 10 and I'll get you set up!

Have a good weekend!

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