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Ask About Our Kids Eat Free Program

Over the Full Moon 🌕✨ excited that our Juice Plus Company just announced that any child sponsored in the Healthy Starts for Families program will receive their fruit & veggies - FREE for up to 20 years! 💙💙💙

Truly a gift. One that I’m incredibly thankful for 🤩

I eat lots of plants…this is like a “plant seatbelt” for days when I have gaps.

We all have gaps! I fill the gaps with clinically proven, natural whole food based products.

They are third party tested to be clean (super big deal!) and kids can eat them for free!

Families report:

•less sickness

•less missed school

•less Rx meds + otc meds

•less soda

•more fruits + veggies

•more cravings for the good stuff

Thank you Juice Plus+!

What are YOU waiting for?

How it works:

Any adult can sponsor a kiddo between the ages of 4 and 25 years old. We have grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, what better gift can you give your grandchildren, nieces and nephews, (neighbors/friends…that all works too, as you do not have to be related) than taking care of your own health so you’re there for them and supporting theirs - for free!!!

I’m healthier and even more energetic since making the

choice. What’s stopping you?!

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