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Calling All Teachers!

Quick question. As a teacher wouldn't it be wonderful to better engage your class, bring life to your lesson plans, increase attendance, or improve student performance?

Lately, I’ve been seeing several articles and social media posts about teachers accomplishing these goals by creatively using Tower Garden in the classroom.

Research has shown that gardening encourages children to eat healthier. And classes have been using Tower Garden to grow food to stock the school cafeteria, donate to the community, and even sell to local restaurants.

And—now that Tower Garden has partnered with the Buck Institute for Education to develop a Gold Standard Project Based Learning project—there’s never been a better time to teach students with Tower Garden.

Are you wondering whether Tower Garden is a good fit for your classroom? Text back "school garden" to learn more by receiving a series of text messages in under 1 hour. I think you're going to love this!

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