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Daily Self-Care is Hard

"Daily self-care is hard"

Eat more plants. Move more. Prioritize sleep. Drink more water…

But you know what's harder? Not being able to do the things you love because of compromised health! 🤒

Missing work, school. Not been able to keep up with the house or the kids.

Canceling a get together or travel because you're sick.

Worried about being in public because your immune system isn't strong.

I try my best to move every day, drink plenty of water, sleep enough, and eat a variety of raw plants. But its HARD!!

I am thankful for this health assurance policy for the days I do well AND the days I don't.❤️

Its not "plant based" - its actually plants! I love this picture that shows what I eat everyday in less than a minute!

If you're done with hard,

If you're looking for an easy button:

Then say, Yes to getting more of what you need!

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