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Do You Want Weekly Recipes?

In honor of kiddos going back to school soon, today's recipe is a lunchbox staple that you can make for breakfast or lunch; Peanut Butter & Jelly Waffle Sandwiches!

You'll need a mini waffle maker (I love the mini Dash) to make these cuties. This recipe makes 4 waffles (2 sandwiches), so each sandwich gets 8 grams of protein from the peanut flour alone! We're also adding peanut butter to the batter and to the assembled sandwich, so you're going to be packing in even more protein and healthy fats!

If you make these for breakfast, you get to eat a nice warm, toasty "sandwich". I've always had a thing for a warm PB&J, you?

Reply back “Weekly Recipe” and we will get you set up to receive a healthy recipe each week!

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