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Dyslexia...Gaining Clarity with Improved Timing!

Gaining clarity with natural timing and rhythm!

Dyslexia is the most common reading disability, but it is unique from other reading difficulties because it is not just a receptive language-base learning disability; it also affects children’s expressive language skills, and in some cases, the ability to recognize voices and sounds. It can lead to difficulty with speech and reading, mirrored handwriting and inability to attend amidst distractions. Reading and writing are very important to childhood development. Trouble reading can make it hard for children to be exposed to new thoughts and materials, which is often amplified by ADHD and the language disorders associated with dyslexia.

Ann was having trouble at school because of her dyslexia. Although she was 14,her tests indicated she was reading at an elementary level. However, with a little hard work and Interactive Metronome training, Ann has brought her scores up by almost two years in accuracy and fluency, and a whopping seven years in comprehension. And it didn't end there; halfway through Interactive Metronome training, Ann reported that she was also doing better at lacrosse and was even put in charge of practice drills!

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