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Fruits and Vegetables: Major Health Benefits

In February of 2017, a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology showed life-changing results when people ate extra fruits and vegetables, estimating that 7.8 million premature deaths around the world could potentially be prevented if people ate 10 servings (800 g) of fruits and vegetables each day.

These are the findings from scientists from Imperial College London, sho carefully analyzed 95 studies focusing on fruit and vegetable intake and results indicate that boosting intake "shows major benefit in reducing the chance of heart attack, stroke, cancer and early death."

Although people who eat the recommended five portions of produce each day show a reduced risk of disease, the "greatest benefit" came from ten daily portions. Eating 800 grams a day was associated with:

24% reduction in risk of heart disease

33% reduction in risk of stroke

28% reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease

13% reduction in risk of total cancer

31% reduction in dying prematurely

Risk calculations compared people who ate ten daily portions versus those who ate none.

Juice Plus is the "Easy Button" to get your fruits and veggies in each day! It's vine ripened fruits and vegetables dehydrated and concentrated into a capsule or chewable to get 30 -70 servings of fruits and veggie servings a day. It's the best protection for your body and immune system.

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