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Fueled for Performance

Fueled for Performance 💪

Raise your hand if you take supplements to fuel for your workouts. 🙋🏼‍♀️

I know I need to give my body extra fuel, especially after a hard workout!

Did you know your body doesn't know what do with most synthetic man made vitamins?

Research now has proven most multivitamins are not helpful and in some cases actually harmful for our bodies. 😳

So, how do you fit more whole foods in your diet?

Crazy meal prep? (Takes time and planning)

Juicing? (Messy, time consuming and expensive)

No wonder we turn to supplements!

We need 9-13 servings of plants daily and even more for athletes or anyone under stress. That’s 9-13 raw variety of plants picked at peak of ripeness.

So, what if they're was a way to take the most nutritious foods and preserve the nutrients in their original composition?

I found a product that is 30 different fruits, veggies, and berries, juiced dried and encapsuled- nothing added- encapsulated FOOD not supplements!

Plus it's backed by research (40 double blind studies) showing it: 👇🏼

•Delivers fruit and vegetable nutrition that gets INTO the blood stream.


-Micronutrient and antioxidant levels in the blood stream

-Immune function (decreases COLD and FLU symptoms)

-Insulin Resistance & triglycerides

-Hyddration, thickness, microcirculation of skin

-Dental health

-Folate levels

-Pulmonary/Lung function

-Circulation and cardiovascular health


-cells involved in auto-immunity

-DNA damage

-Free Radical Damage

-Oxidative stress.⠀


-Oxidized LDL Cholesterol

-Systemic Inflammation

-Oxidation and muscle damage in athletes


-A healthy pregnancy⠀

-Quality of life and protein status in cancer patients

•Alters Genes is a Positive way by turning your good genes on and your bad genes off

Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best solution. This is simple and affordable. No wonder it's eaten by Olympic and Professional athletes and so many others around the world!

What do you take to fuel for performance??

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