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Get Your Daily Health Drink!

WHY I don’t go a day without using our plant based protein! Even when I’m on the go, I get so much goodness from it & so can You. 😃😋

✔️HIGHEST grade vegan protein

✔️Contains prebiotics

✔️Includes an ANCIENT GRAIN blend

✔️Concentrated micronutrients

Not just your average protein powder. I use this whole food protein daily to ensure I am getting as many super foods into my diet as possible! Think of it as more a daily health drink, than simply a protein powder.

Pair this up with our fruit, veggie and berry capsules and your body will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

In this smoothie … 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop of Chocolate Complete, 3/4 c of Almond / Oat milk, 1 tbsp of hemp hearts and 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter. Delish! 😋


HIGHEST GRADE: Bioavailable, Plant-Based, water-washed non-GMO soy protein

13G OF PROTEIN: Soy, Pea, Chickpea and Brown Rice including 9 essential amino acids (complete protein)

CONTAINS PREBIOTIC: aids in the population of good bacteria

ANCIENT GRAIN BLEND: Organic amaranth, quinoa and millet as a balanced energy source, amino acids, promotes heart health

BROCCOLI, ALFALFA + RADISH SPROUTS: Concentrated macro nutrients, protect DNA, protect against disease

8G OF FIBER: stabilizes blood sugar by slowing and breaking down the release of blood sugar in to the bloodstream

YUCCA POWDER: can assist in reducing inflammation

POMEGRANATE POWDER: can assist in heart health

SPIRULINA POWDER: highest quality blue-green algae

MACRO NUTRITION: proteins, carbs, fats with a low-GI rating

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