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Give Your Brain What It Needs to Grow!

In the Oxford-Durham Study 2005, researchers at Oxford University supplemented kids with learning, cognitive, behavioral, and movement disorders. The kids were 5-12 years old. They gave the kids high potency EPA/DHA (omega fatty acids) in the form of capsules for 3-6 months.

In the children, all improved. Kids made 13.5 months of reading progress/gained skill set, in 3-6 months. Kids gained 6.5 months of progression in spelling ability, in 3-6 months.

The researchers at Oxford found the ADHD kids who took the omega fatty acids improved symptoms BETTER than Ritalin. With no side effects.

This is what happens when you give your brain what it needs to grow!

What Omegas do you use for your family?

I choose these plant based Omegas because there are no fish, so no yucky taste or smell and no contaminants. Fish oil comes from the FAT of the fish and that is also where all their toxins are stored.

Contact LifeFit BrainFit at 906-774-5833 to get started on your Plant-Based Omegas today!

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Plant Based Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9

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