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Grandma With Tons of Energy!

Four years…That’s how long I’ve been fueling my body with Juice Plus. People ask me where I get my energy for working, biking 🚴‍♀️ hiking 🥾 strength training 💪 gardening 🌸 walking 🐶 kayaking 💦 what all I “take”?

Since it’s not a supplement or a vitamin I don’t actually take anything, I eat concentrated Whole Foods in a capsule or chewable 🥦 🍎🥕🍇 🥬 🫐🍒

It’s the synergy of the three “flavors” that improves me from the inside out 🤩 The green is the 11 veggies, the red is the 11 fruits and the purple is the 9 berries 🫐 That’s over 31 fruits, veggies and berries a DAY🤩 I also swallow the omega capsules, which is great for the brain 🧠 and cognitive function, made from seed oils, with no 🐟 fishy taste 😋

I drink AND eat the Complete Shakes😋 Both flavors; chocolate and vanilla😋 They both are so versatile. My favorite 🤩 is Healthy Hot Chocolate 😋 I drink smoothies, eat smoothie bowls, eat energy bites, make pancakes and waffles, make ice cream, so many options!

Kids can eat the fruit and veggies free for the first four years, with a sponsoring adult! I love ❤️ this program! Your kid or a kid you know can too!

Why do I eat Juice Plus? Because, as a Grandma, I want to have the energy to do all sorts of activities 🤩Juice Plus has helped MILLIONS🤩 of people turn their health around. Oh the stories I can tell! I have a story of my own if you’d like to hear it.

Let’s get YOU feeling better, with more energy, sleeping better, looking better, and even working out harder! You deserve it!

Are you ready to turn your health around? When you’re ready, I can help! 🤩💥

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