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Healthy Starts, Healthy Summer!

Hey there! For kids, summer is all about fun, which usually means the rules get a little looser. Later bedtimes? Movies on weeknights? More ice cream runs than usual? Yes, to all that! But summer break doesn’t mean breaking ALL the healthy habits you’ve worked hard to develop during the school year.

Here are five tips to help kids stay on track with healthy eating this summer:

1️⃣Take them to the farmer’s market and let them decide what to buy. Kids who are involved in selecting healthy foods eat more of them.

2️⃣ Visit a “you-pick” berry farm, then decide what to do with your haul as a family.

3️⃣ Make popsicles using Complete by Juice Plus+ shake mix for extra protein and fiber for a sweet, healthy treat.

4️⃣ Grow your own fruits and vegetables in a Tower Garden.

5️⃣ Enroll in the Healthy Starts program and give the gift of Juice Plus+ Essentials Fruit and Veggie Blend Capsules or Chewables to a loved one — any young person between the ages of 4 and 25 — free of charge!

Happy to help!

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