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Henry, Interactive Metronome and Tower Garden! I Love My Job!

Meet Henry! He’s such a joy to work with! He’s always got something up his sleeve! He loves WrestleMania with all the wrestlers!

In this photo, Henry is smiling. Not sure if he’s smiling because he’s finished his Interactive Metronome session or that he’s helping me plant the Tower Garden!

Some children with cerebral palsy have great difficulty with coordination and timing. They may have difficulty with their fine motor skills, catching a ball or walking smoothly. The Interactive Metronome helps improve rhythm and timing.

Many of these kids have been in therapy for their entire life, and then when they reach 10, 11, 12 years old they grow tired and weary of the typical weekly sessions of practicing the skills themselves. While practice of skills is definitely necessary, at LifeFit BrainFit, we go a step further to address the underlying issues of timing and coordination with the Interactive Metronome program. 

The Interactive Metronome engages the student, so their rhythm and timing improve and the brain processes faster. Coordination, focus, reading, math and concentration all improve!

Contact LifeFit BrainFit at 906-774-5833 to schedule your first appointment today!

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