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Here’s 5 Tips for Healthy Fall Routines

Do you find that the fall season brings a more hectic schedule than summer? With the return to school or work and all the extra activities that go along with that, fall is a great time to establish some healthy habits and routines.

Taking a little extra care during this time of year goes a long way toward supporting our overall health. It’s also a great time to hit the reset button, get prepped for the upcoming season, and make sure you're supporting your (and your family's) health.


Here are 5 tips for making the transition from summer to fall a little easier:

1. Set regular bedtimes & wake-up times

2. Fall Cleaning and Prepping

3. Spend time with your friends and family

4. Eat seasonally

5. Supplement with Juice Plus+ Berry Blend to boost your immune system

I'd love to know if there are any tips you find helpful!

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