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How Are We Feeding Our Children?

Think about this. As soon as our kids wake up, In so many ways they are fed sugars, dyes, and preservatives and then adults get mad at them for lashing out, not sitting down, not paying attention and not being quiet at school.

Could it be possible a child doesn’t have ADHD, he’s just cracked out and malnourished!?!!

Breakfast. Sugary cereal. Sugary oatmeal. Sugary yogurt. Sugary orange juice. Sugary pop tarts. Processed food. Bread with synthetics. Chocolate milk.

This post is not to shame anyone 🩵 Let’s just think about cause and effects and getting to the root.

Snack time. It’s whoever’s birthday or holiday or theme day so it is blue and red dye, frosting and a bunch of sprinkles. Plus a Capri mystery sun pack full of sugar.

So much blood sugar dysregulation going on!

Trust me…we have a big family, there’s always a reason to celebrate…I get it. But our whole family now tries to sub out healthier ingredients!

But lunch. We will get it right with lunch.

If you get to pack a lunch it’s probably a nutritional deficient sandwich, 300 empty calories of a lunchable, Doritos (what is even in these 😳) 25 grams of a sugar juice box and of course they need a sweet to complete the lunch.

Hot lunch? Let’s see what is in that!!

Or you can get peanut butter and jelly on bread loaded with added synthetics that you can’t even swallow unless you chase it down with milk.

And be sure to scarf it all down in 15 mins or less. And the “or less” happens if class runs longer or students are misbehaving. (Do you know what happens to your digestive system when you don’t chew your food properly??)

So... here’s a thought.

Let’s go on a journey step by step, to taking better care of ourselves and our children. Let’s treat food as fuel. Let’s silence the doctors and psychologist and school counselors who don’t acknowledge the impact food has on these issues.

Let’s get to the real root cause. Don’t let them diagnose your children!

Let’s understand that the standard well accepted “foods” are actually known to cause hyperactivity, cancer, and blood sugar issues. Let’s also recognize this is the cause for many of these “bad kids.”

Gut health is raging out of control and the gut brain connection is a real thing. Gut health is my passion! I can help.

These kids need more real food, fruits & veggies, less sugar, zero dyes, probiotics (I know where you can get a life changing one just ask me) and plant-based omegas in their life to be equipped to deal with an 8 hour work day most adults could hardly stand.

Can we all PLEASE start changing this? One snack at a time, one meal at a time. We can do better! Change isn’t always easy but it is possible! Our kids deserve better. Don’t let them label our kids. Get to the root cause!!

So thankful for the “Easy Button” and one simple change we have and such a gift of health to give our bodies and our little ones farm fresh produce in a capsule or Chewables and healthy snacks/meals with complete plant protein!

It doesn’t get better 🙌🏼 Ask me about the "Easy Button" 🎃

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