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I’m Raving about these Plant-Based Omegas!

Today I’m going to rave about our Omega Blend! The JP+ Omega blend is a plant-based combination of the omega-3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids, made from fruits, algae, and seed oils. The omega-3 fatty acids in JP+ Omega Blend are sourced from a pure, sustainable and vegan source algae, while the other fatty acids are derived from cold pressing seeds and berries.

Why do I take these awesome Omegas every day?

➡️ It’s beneficial and safe for the whole family.

➡️ There are over ten thousand medical journal studies that show that omega fatty acids have helped just about every organ in the body stay healthier, especially your brain, eyes, and heart.

➡️ Studies have shown that people who have the highest blood levels of

omegas live healthier, happier, and longer lives than those with the lowest


➡️ Just like enough fruits and vegetables are lacking in people’s diets, they are also lacking in omega fatty acids.

➡️ Best fishy taste or fishy burps because there is no fish!

If you feel like this sounds interesting and you would like more information, please message me or you can text me to get a class-by-text! Text OMEGAIN60 along with your first name to 906-205-1968.

Things I’ve noticed since adding the omega blend is shinier hair, better sleep, more energy, shiny skin and better brain function 🤩

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