• Debbie Flannery

“Interactive Metronome Gave My Son A New Life!” Mom - Chris

“Before Interactive Metronome, my son’s condition seemed to be worsening with digestive issues, migraines, anxiety and depression. Four to five hours of homework each night was draining and defeating, and his grades was A’s to F’s. There had to be something that would help him!

After just 7 sessions, I noticed a difference! He was more attentive and responsive. I was finally seeing the young man that I knew he could be!

Since finishing the program, everyone who knows him is overwhelmed with the change. He does his homework on his own. He’s getting consistent A’s at school. He’s happy and easy going. I could go on and on, but this I know for certain...Interactive Metronome has given my son a new life!” Mom -Chris


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