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Introducing Tower Garden HOME: Eating simple just got a whole lot simpler!

We’re thrilled to introduce Tower Garden HOME - the all-in-one system that delivers a year-round supply of health, homegrown herbs and veggies with a fraction of the time and work of a regular garden.

What Is Tower Garden HOME?

Similar to Tower Garden FLEX, Tower Garden HOME is a vertical, aeroponic growing system that relies solely on water and nutrients to grow its produce. This soilless method has been proven to help plants and flowers grow faster and more efficiently than traditional gardens.

Ideal for indoor growers, Tower Garden HOME comes with LED grow lights, built-in wheels, a water level monitor and everything you need to get up-and-growing in any room of your home, school or office.

Tower Garden HOME allows people with little to no gardening experience to grow up to 32 fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in less than 3 square feet. With simple setup instructions and plenty of online resources to reference, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time.

From relentless pests, tricky weeds, and unpredictable weather, traditional gardening can be complicated and time-consuming. Tower Garden HOME side steps these problems by offering an innovative, simple indoor gardening solution.

See the side-by-side comparison of Tower Garden HOME and Tower Garden FLEX to understand which system works best for you.

Grow Your Own Food With Tower Garden HOME

Contact LifeFit BrainFit at 906-774-5833

to order your Tower Garden today!

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