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“Jump Into January” 5 Weeks of Exercise and Nutrition

Helping people fall in love with a fit lifestyle is my passion! Why do we think health is just diets and cardio?

I'm dedicated to empower and guide you to the next level of a more confident, healthier version of you! My focus is to get you to your goals AND teach you how to maintain them!

I love working with @ymovement_ to help people not only see their potential but obtain it! We are wrapping up this challenge, and I can't wait to share their results! I'm so proud of their hard work!

If you're looking to take your health back, I have 10 more spots open for our challenge starting Monday, January 4 through Friday, February 5. Costs range from $50-$399 for the 5 week program, depending on level of participation.

Register today to get your products in time for the 5 week "Jump Into January" nutrition and exercise program. I can send you guidelines!

Call or text 906-774-5833 or private message @debra.flannery.31

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