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Let’s Make Buddah Bowls!

Let’s make Buddha bowls + get inspired by Wendy’s •Wow is in the Why • the relationship between Food, Health + Performance” ♥️

Date: Thursday November 10

Time: 6:30-8:00 PM CST

Location upon request.

Please READ carefully:

Below is a list of ingredients for the different recipes. Please sign up on the event wall for what you are bringing.

I recommend you bring smaller, flatter containers or bowls. We will make 4 meals, but bring a 5th in case we have a bit extra!

List of what is needed for our bowls:

[please pick your item + comment below]

Ready to serve:

Brown Rice


Wild Rice

Broccoli chopped small


Shredded Carrots

Red Cabbage

Kale chopped

Roasted sweet potatoes

Black Beans


Red pepper

Yellow pepper


English Cucumbers sliced

Green Onion thinly sliced


Lime wedges

Sesame seeds

Or your favorite Buddha Bowl topping ! ♥️

Location off of County Road 607, Iron Mountain. Address when you sign up.

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