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Lillie Improves 6 Reading Levels in 7 Weeks!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

LIllie started attending Interactive Metronome at LifeFit BrainFit because she was behind in school at 7 years old. Lillie really struggled with Reading.

The Interactive Metronome Sessions made better connections in her brain. She had to learn 14 different tasks to improve her “Brain & Body Connections.” After 7 weeks, Lillie Improved by 6 reading levels! The Interactive Metronome works on neurons-plasticity and rewires the brain to process more efficiently.

“Before, my brain felt all scrunched up. Now, I feel like a butterfly learning to fly,” says Lillie! She’s much happier!

The Interactive Metronome helps with Autism, ADHD, Reading, Math, Meltdowns, Concussions, Sensory Processing Disorders, Memory, Parkinson’s and more!

Contact LifeFit BrainFit for more information at 906-774-5833.

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