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No-Guilt Vanilla Cherry 🍒 Shake

This is No-Guilt Vanilla Complete with frozen cherries 🍒

It’s a great treat, with

14 grams of protein

7 grams of fiber

1 gram of fat

10 grams of sugar

140 calories from the shake

50 calories from the cherries 🍒

Compared to McDonald’s Medium Vanilla Shake

13 grams of protein

0 grams of fiber

16 grams of fat

68 grams of sugar

610 calories

So, it’s roughly the same volume of food, but Complete Shake is a plant-based healthier version of the McDonald’s shake!

I usually have a shake as part of my breakfast and I plan on a Complete Shake around 3:30pm snack to keep my blood sugar from dipping and keep my willpower strong 🍒-

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