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Open House on June 25 to Showcase Health-Boosting Fitness Services for Children, Adults and Seniors

LifeFit BrainFit, an organization dedicated to helping people of all ages improve physical fitness and brain function, is hosting an open house Monday, June 25 at 9:30 - 10:30am in the Conference Room at 818 Pyle Drive, Kingsford to showcase its health-boosting fitness and wellness services.

Among the services that owner Debbie Flannery, M.Ed. offers to the region is Interactive Metronome brain function sessions, which are delivered in a game-like way. Interactive Metronome training improves the brain's timing through rhythm and repetition. Quick, precise brain timing enhances cognitive processing and physical movement. Flannery has seen success in youth with regard to social interaction and physical development, as well as adults with improved memory and balance. Students perform a suite of physical movements to a computer-generated metronome beat. As accuracy improves, neural efficiency is strengthened, improving your brain’s ability to synchronize thought and movement.

LifeFit BrainFit is also a local provider of Tai Chi classes in the region. Tai Chi is a series of low impact movements that will gradually put into motion every joint, tendon, and muscle, increasing balance, circulation, flexibility, coordination, and strength, while reducing anxiety and depression. Referred to as a moving meditation, this ancient Chinese martial art form consists of slow, relaxed movements and deep breathing for total well-being. The classes are a favorite among adults and seniors who require a relaxing, low-impact exercise routine.

Seniors who struggle with weakness, loss of joint mobility, poor balance, or slow moment can see improvement with LifeFit BrainFit exercise classes or in-home exercise programs. The programs utilize many repetitions of movements that are used in daily living with varying complexity and intensity. The ability to enjoy everyday activities such as walking, moving of the arms and legs, and balance can be improved through a consistent program. Debbie has developed personal exercise programs for individuals in their homes, as well as assisted living and nursing homes in Iron Mountain/Kingsford, Michigan and surrounding areas in Dickinson County.

In addition, Debbie Flannery, M.Ed. has extensive knowledge in nutrition and whole foods, which are beneficial in supporting wellness and quality of life. Backed by research, she recommends healthy food regiments that positively impact heart health and the immune system, and help fight chronic disease.

About LifeFit BrainFit - LifeFit BrainFit is dedicated to helping people in the region enjoy a happier, healthier life. Lifefit Brainfit focuses on nurturing your brain and body so you can be the best possible you, regardless of your age or abilities. From a parent searching for a drug-free alternative to help address their child’s struggle with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder to a Parkinson's patient with limited mobility, LifeFit BrainFit services help you live a happier, healthier life. Owner Debbie Flannery, M.Ed. combines 30+ years of experience and extensive education to provide sessions tailored to individual needs. Every session is delivered in a compassionate, caring, and relaxing manner. Debbie is a certified Tai Chi Instructor and Interactive Metronome Provider.

For more information, call Debbie Flannery at 906-774-5833 or visit

Want Better Balance? Try Tai Chi!

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