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People often ask me, What is Interactive Metronome?

Well, it’s all about improving timing ⏱️ in the brain 🧠 which Improves Memory, Sleep 😴 Meltdowns, Cognition, Coordination,

Balance, and Lowers Anxiety.

Interactive Metronome is delivered in a game-like way, and improves your brain's timing through rhythm and repetition.

Quick, precise brain timing enhances cognitive processing and physical movement.

You’ll perform a suite of physical movements to a computer-generated metronome beat. As your accuracy improves, your neural brain efficiency is strengthened, improving your brain’s ability to synchronize thought and movement.

Here’s a success story…Ricky is a 10-year-old boy with a diagnosis of ADHD, Asperger's, Anxiety, and Fine Motor Delay. It was easy to get Ricky involved in the Interactive Metronome exercises. After 10 sessions Ricky's handwriting was much more legible - neat and orderly. The biggest change though was that his homework was getting done quickly, neatly, and correctly! His 4th-grade teacher gave him high marks and said that he was very pleasant and hard-working!

Ricky said, " Interactive Metronome is so cool - and it really, really helped me!"

After doing the Initial Interactive Metronome Assessment, here's what 56-year-old Tina, had to say, " Debbie, my anxiety has been almost nonexistent today!"

What ages can do Interactive Metronome?

Ages 6 months to 90+ can benefit from Interactive Metronome Brain 🧠 Training.

Where is Interactive Metronome?

This can be done virtually at home 🏠 with LifeFit BrainFit, anywhere in the United States. Call or text to schedule an assessment, so we can help you design a course of treatment at 906-774-5833.

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