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Power Your Purpose!

I have no idea if becoming a Juice Plus+ affiliate is something that you have an interest in, but if so, keep reading! Have you heard of affiliate marketing and wondered what it's all about?

During the month of September, you can become an affiliate with the Juice Plus+ company and start earning an affiliate income on your own products and any products you sell, with no sign-on fee! Yep, the 💲52 application fee is waived through the end of September. That also means if you have a friend who wants to join with you, they can join for free too!

Oh, and get this! When you get your first promotion within the first 10 days of placing your first order, you get a 💲100 bonus!

Let me know if you are still interested and we'll chat about it or you can learn more by signing up for a series of 8 texts in 40 minutes to find out what it's all about. Reply back "PURPOSE" to hear more.

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