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Results from Shred10!

Check out these results! “

When I first embraced the Shred10 lifestyle I was 50 pounds heavier, on 3 different prescriptions for chronic migraines, suffered acid reflux, and chronic inflammation in my knee. I was eating Exciderine and Tums like candy.

I thought I was healthy. I limited my fast food, ate food I thought was healthy, worked out..........I truly thought I was healthy.

I knew I was carrying some extra weight, but after my 50th birthday, it seemed impossible to lose it. I have pretty much tried every fad diet.....including pills and injections that are no longer available because of the dangerous side effects.

I had suffered migraines most of my adult life and thought it was something I just had to learn to live with. I lost so many days to migraines......and we won't even talk about the money spent on doctor visits and medications.

I would wake in the middle of the night gagging on the acid and would pop some more Tums or Prevacid and try to get back to sleep.

Every afternoon around 3pm I felt the need for a nap and would turn to caffeine or energy drinks to get through the day.

I thought all of this was normal.

Fast forward a few years..........I am off ALL prescription and OTC medications. I have also achieved and maintained a healthier weight for over 5 years. Migraines are a distant memory. No more acid reflux and no more chronic knee pain!

I have embraced the Shred10 lifestyle! Some months I will focus for 10 days and eliminate all caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and gluten. Most of the time I follow a more relaxed Shred10 and will allow myself a cocktail or a piece of cheese or bread on occasion.

I still remember when I first started 'shredding'.... I thought that I could not live without bread and cheese. I have found so many healthier options that I do not miss the daily dose of gluten and dairy!

I absolutely LOVE SHRED10!

Shred10 gave me back my health and vitality! As my 59th birthday grows closer I can not help but remember my 50th birthday and I marvel at the difference in my health and wonder where I would be today if I had not said yes to giving Shred10 a try.“

How will Shred10 look on you? What do you have to lose by giving it a fair try?

Sign up today! Starts Monday, September 12-21!

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