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Save money on your Tower Garden!

Some of you may be wondering what is the most cost effective way to order your Tower Garden. If you already consume the Juice Plus products (or think you may want to some day - the ultimate whole food concentrate), or know someone that might enjoy a Tower Garden or Juice Plus, you might consider joining the business.

For $50/year, you’ll earn the Retail Sales Profit (difference between wholesale and retail cost) on your Tower Garden and/or Juice Plus and anyone you share the products with.

You’ll even receive a $100 thank you bonus and a permanent 6% commission increase if you share with someone outside of your household!

The business model also provides a generous medical, dental, vision, life insurance, college tuition assistance, among numerous other benefits for the leadership positions. The person who invited you to this group can also share more of that information with you if you’re interested.

Again, we’ve loved having such a great group to share our stories with and we hope that you decide to join us!

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