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Shred10 - What About Sugar?

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Check this out, that’s why Shred for 10 days, small changes can make big impact.

“In fact, it takes just ten days without sugar to see substantial metabolic and neurological benefits. ⁣⁣


In a study published in the journal, Obesity, and sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, scientists recruited 43 overweight teenagers who had at least one feature of metabolic syndrome, such as high blood sugar, hypertension, or abnormal cholesterol. ⁣⁣


On average, the subjects had been getting about 27% of their daily calories from sugar. But the researchers made one simple modification to their diets: They replaced all sweet foods that they were eating—candy, pastries, doughnuts—with starches. They kept the number of calories the same, so the subjects wouldn’t lose any weight. ⁣⁣


The goal of the study was to see whether replacing sugar with slow-acting carbs would improve health even without weight loss. ⁣⁣


After only ten days, there were marked changes. On average, the subjects’ diastolic blood pressure fell 5 points. Their LDL cholesterol dropped 10 points. Their triglyceride levels plummeted 33 points. And their fasting blood sugar and insulin levels—both of which are predictors of diabetes—improved significantly. “

-Dr Mark Hyman

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