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Take Advantage of Peak Berry Season!

We’re mid-summer, and that means it’s peak berry season! Here are three ways to take advantage of this short-lived time of year.

1. Go berry picking. Blackberries grow abundantly on the East and West coasts of the US. You can get lots of berries for cheap at your local u-pick farm. If you don’t live near a farm, try your local farmers’ market or the produce section of your grocery store. Choose organic when you can!

2. Put berries in everything. Sprinkle berries on your cereal. Whip up a berry crisp. Make a berry smoothie (check out the recipe above). Now’s the perfect time to berry out!

3. Take your Juice Plus+ Essentials Berry Blend. Great for BRAIN 🧠 HEALTH! We’re so crazy about berries we devoted a whole product to them. The Berry Blend is bursting with nutrition from 11 different berries including loads of antioxidant polyphenols. (Fun fact: Did you know cocoa beans, Concord grapes, and pomegranates are all berries? 🤯) JP+ Essentials Berry Blend is available in capsules and tasty chewables. 🫐🍇🍓

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